Surveyors Reduce Single Use Plastic for Staff

13th Nov 2019 | Company

It is no secret that single use plastic is slowly killing our planet and clogging up our waters. Sir David Attenborough has stated that plastic, along with global warming, is the biggest threat to our sea life, “Surviving in the open ocean has always tested animals to their limit, but today they have a new additional threat. Plastic.” We’ve all seen the heart-breaking pictures and shocking statistics and it’s time to make a change.

Our agents and surveyors are constantly on the move, out on the road & we noticed the considerable amount of single use plastic they were consuming. We therefore decided to try and make a change and have supplied them with our very own Primmer Olds B.A.S re-usable bottles. Our agents and surveyors will be cutting out single use plastic whilst in and out of the office. If our clients and contacts would also like to benefit, please contact us for a bottle.


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