The Power Of Negotiation

21st Dec 2023 | Agency

What makes a successful agent?

The power of negotiation is a fundamental skill that your agent should have. Preparation, communication, creativity and patience shape the successful outcome of any deal.

An effective agent will invest time to prepare, allowing knowledge and confidence during any negotiation process. They should actively listen to their client’s needs, and have a clear understanding of their motivations and underlying interests.

Are you confident that your agent will add the value you need?

Remember that negotiation is not about exerting power but rather finding a mutual solution.

Communication forms a strong part of any successful job, your agent should effectively adapt their communication style to the specific situation and all parties involved. It is important to have emotional intelligence so the agent can control their emotions, manage conflicts effectively, and recognize and respond to the emotions of others. This skill helps in building rapport, defusing tension, and finding common ground.

The relationship you hold with your agent is a strong factor to always consider. By establishing trust, credibility, and rapport, negotiators can foster a collaborative atmosphere and enhance the likelihood of reaching mutually beneficial outcomes. Long-term relationships are particularly valuable as they lay the foundation for future negotiations.

The power of negotiation refers to the ability to influence and shape the outcome of a discussion or a deal through effective communication, strategic thinking, and persuasion.


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