“the action or process of investing money for profit”

“the gain of profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value”

Everything we do at Primmer Olds B.A.S has this in mind. It runs through our core and impacts on every action we take for our clients.

We pride ourselves on an excellent track record in assisting clients to achieve their investment goals. This varies from high net worth individuals and pension companies looking for passive income and defensive high quality stock to private property companies with an appetite for risk and high returns.

As agents, valuers and surveyors we are well placed to support every aspect of the purchase.

The agent brings to the table a wealth of market knowledge with insight into location, sector demand and shifting patterns.

The valuer has excellent analytical skills looking at the complexities of the pricing as well as funding issues and lease obligations that critically affect value.

The surveyor provides technical due diligence and creative thinking on how to future proof a building, physical factors affecting long term enhancement as well as current condition.

We focus on the regional market with an emphasis on assets in the sub £5 million category where we have excelled for our clients. Notwithstanding this, we have and do operate nationally for specific clients who value our input and request our involvement for a range of reasons.

Our involvement spans high street retail, multi-tenanted industrial estates and business parks as well as blocks of flats within the private rented sector.

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