Science & Technology

At Primmer Olds B.A.S, science and technology forms a large part of our building consultancy business. We have over the years consistently and through repeat business represented medical, space and science and technology clients.

When clients approach us with science and technology projects in mind, they do so with the assurance of a wealth of demonstrable experience of successful management of Clean Room, Test Facilities and HVAC installations and the support of a clear understanding of the process required, stakeholder interaction management and straightforward and clear thinking to ensure external audits.

We are retained under framework as project consultants by a major defence client and whereby our teams extensive understanding of their strict guidelines (conforming to European Space Agency standards), operations and requirements consistently ensures that projects are delivered within strict protocols and regimes and delivered on time and under budget.

The parameters on such projects are immensely tight and margin for error minimal. As such our management approach, tested protocols including compliance matrix and gate reviews, ensure a level of governance on projects which works tightly with internal customer expectations and upholding rigorous audit testing.

Our approach to early risk identification, management and mitigation ensures that all key stakeholders are empowered appropriately and key stage milestones and regimes monitored and gate stages signed off in accordance with governance documentation.

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