Property & Asset Management

Focused management ensuring optimum performance of the client’s asset throughout the investment cycle. This is achieved through hard work, experience, sleek processes and effective use of information technology.

Due to the full-service nature of the business, our property managers have access to building surveyors, project managers, agents and valuers enabling them to ensure client’s buildings are maintained to the highest level, compliant with the latest legislation and generating maximum returns.

Our client base ranges from offshore trusts, national property companies and private investors and our mandates are crafted to meet the client’s specific needs. Each property strategy will be different for occupiers, trading property companies looking for short term gain or long term investors.

Our support can include, but is not limited to, the following principal areas:

Due Diligence – Providing essential advice at acquisition on lease and service charge matters that are likely to affect the long term ownership and management of the property. This can also include physical survey via our building surveyors.

Rent Collection and Credit Control – We make sure demands are issued ahead of due dates and that occupiers pay on time.

Lease Compliance – This relates to ensuring occupiers satisfactorily undertake all required activities covered in their lease and that they do not breach obligations with activities such as sub-letting or altering the building where it is not permitted. Regular inspections are a key part of this role.

Financial Management and Accounting – Accurate and immediate reporting is essential to ensure clients are up to date with their financial position. Transparency and compliance are key words in this area of work.

Service Charge Management and Budgeting – This can be a contentious issue and potential area of conflict between investors and occupiers. Aside from the financial side, it is essential an aligned approach is taken addressing the needs of both ‘customer and client’.

Health and Safety/Statutory Compliance – A complicated area and ever changing volume of legislation affecting the investor.

Contractor Appointment – Forming part of the manager’s role in conjunction with specialist surveying assistance where required for complex and lengthy works.

Specific Service Procurement – Facilities management and specialist services form part of the overall duties of the property manager, procuring the right team for the project in the most cost-effective way.

Refurbishment and Project Management – Whether you are looking at a comprehensive refurbishment of a building or minor works to upgrade common areas, we provide the complete service.

Dilapidations and Voids – End of lease negotiations and ensuring ‘yielding up’ is done correctly is essential in protecting the clients' asset and assisting with minimising void periods which can have a drastic impact on returns.

Property can be complex in nature. We have experience in managing multi tenure industrial estates, retail parades, and high rise office buildings and Listed Buildings as well as mixed-use residential/commercial holdings.


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