Up Down or Sideways?

29th Oct 2019 | Building Consultancy

If the answer is yes, then you may have several routes to achieve this. The Conservative Party have announced that under a shake up of their housing policy they plan to allow for a block of flats to have two floors added: without planning permission. Whether you agree this is a good idea or not, it does open up the potential that already exists to add value to our existing cityscape with airspace development.Up Down or Sideways web resize.jpg

Another option, popular in London is digging deep and going under ground with your plans. If you are creating additional living space within an existing cellar or basement, then planning permission may not be required. The law around basement development is evolving and care must be taken, particularly if you are excavating with major works to create a new unit of accommodation then planning permission is likely to be needed. There are also Party Wall Act matters which could affect your plans, if you are digging on or close to a boundary and where a neighbours foundations may be affected.

Sideways is nearly always the easier option? Think again… Whilst there are permitted development rights for householders, structural design and foundations, party walls, rights to light, the required ‘aesthetic’ and compromise of existing external amenity space all come into play.

Whatever you are trying to achieve our RIBA Chartered Architect James Fewtrell and our team of Building Surveyors and Project Managers are on hand to advise on how best to tackle your project. Whether this is an investment in your own home to gain more space, a way of adding extra units to an existing investment for income or a total development project we can help maximise space, add value to layouts, offer bespoke designed solutions and tackle complex issues to ensure a successful conclusion.


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