1987 – 2021! How the commercial agency market has changed

2nd Aug 2021 | Agency

Way back in 1987, Robert Primmer and David Olds founded ‘Primmer Olds Property Consultants’ taking Southampton by storm with their commercial agency team! Now trading as ‘Primmer Olds B.A.S’, we have expanded, developed, and offer a multitude of services over the Dorset and Hampshire area.

But how have the times changed?

The world is now more interconnected than ever before with more of an online presence and speedy technology. Primmer Olds B.A.S ensure we are in keeping with the times to dispose of your property adequately and successfully.

Over the years, hardware such as drones, and speedy software, are new and cutting-edge technologies which could potentially revolutionise viewings for the letting agent, including the development of virtual tours, such as that provided through such services https://www.virtualoom.co.uk/ where a 360 degree camera allows an applicant to view a property from the comfort of their home.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM systems, allow the collection of data previously held in either disparate physical or computerised locations, and provides for this data to be held in one place. In addition, it allows the collation of this data to be organised for the benefit of the agent, organises follow-ups, provides email trails, and documents can be sent out immediately, thereby streamlining the whole process of customer management. With more efficiency, means more productivity and more productivity creates less downtime and thereby faster responses to the market.

Whilst new technologies are a great tool to be utilised, the use of these technologies should not be used at the expense of tried-and-true methods of attracting great results for the agent, principally ‘on the street’ marketing and using the telephone to actively follow-up with and call prospects.

“Boards mean boards” is an old adage in property and whilst the advent of online marketing is growing at pace, the fact remains that physical boards allow potential customers in the geographical area to both observe a building for sale, or to lease, but more importantly, the presence of physical boards can demonstrate that the brand (i.e. the company) is present in an area and generate enquiries from potential vendors as well. Boards as a result will remain important.

The use of new and old methods together produces the most effective and ideal results, to provide the best and most professional course of action for the benefit of the client.

If you are in the market looking to dispose of your property or wish to take on a new letting or sale, for business or investment purpose, please contact our agency team on 023 8022 2292.


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