Enquiries spike within each lockdown

22nd Feb 2021 | Agency

The enquiries for commercial property rocketed during the November 2020 lockdown and continue to increase through out our current lockdown of 2021. While the announcement of another lockdown deflated us all we have seen confidence rise from occupies and investors in buying and letting new space.

Data according to EG Propertylink, shows that from the 5th November to 2nd December occupiers made 22,959 enquiries which is a significant increase from the first 4 weeks in March 2020 where enquiries were at an all-time low of 6,052.

As we reach the first week in February 2021 our agency team have received a total of 218 enquiries through January from Rightmove alone growing massively from December’s 68 enquiries.

Both occupiers and investors showed an increase in enquiries during the first two UK national lockdowns and continue to spike as we push forward in 2021.



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