Southampton City Vision

25th Nov 2020

Southampton City Council has released the consultation results following their receipt of over 3,000 responses to the survey about future developments in the city as part of their City Vision plan. 

The period of research took place from 10 February 2020 to 31 May 2020, gathering  information about the priorities, ideas and aspirations that local people, businesses and organisations have for the city centre and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Of the six key themes around which the survey was based, the most important amongst those who participated was ‘environment and climate change’, followed by ‘growth and investment’ and ‘getting around’.

When it came to the most popular desires and priorities, both on a local level and for the city centre, the most popular ideas were parks and nature, reducing pollution and access to frequent and reliable public transport.

Other notable priorities included people wanting more support for local independent businesses, concerns over pollution from the port, more access to the waterfront and a strong desire to improve the general upkeep and look of the city. 

The Council will now assess the issues raised and decide how to best integrate them into the City Vision plan. Further research will be carried out with businesses who were not able to participate as a result of restrictions imposed by COVID-19 once current circumstances change, in order to gain an objective and fair temperature reading of public opinion.


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